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Spoken Word is truth from broken pieces of our hearts that bleed from our pen to paper.  When we share the experiences and inspiration behind the worlds we create on paper with different parts of the world, we realize that we are really not as different as we like to think we are.   

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— Book Review —

 "Think Like a Man" by J.D. Shapiro: The Self-help book you didn't know you needed


This book gives away secrets, the secret desires of men and how any woman can use what a man needs in order to get what she wants. Political correctness aside, this book is a MANual that will show you how to operate a man in a way he will LOVE and LOVE YOU for doing so. For the first time ever, you have that tool within the pages of this book. All you need to do is read it and act upon it.


J.D. Shapiro has done it again. There is a reason why he is an award winning writer and director. The book Think Like a Man will make you laugh while making you understand the men's perceptive about women. The book brilliantly manages to have an insight into the mysterious thinking pattern of men that no other self help book has been able to do. It encourages females to put themselves into men's shoes to understand what he expects from you and why he wants you to behave and act in a certain way, and it also helps men put things into perspective. To feel more empowered, it is important to know what your partner wants from you. Find more useful tips to understand your man better in this interesting read.